2018: A Year in Photos - Contributors

Dan Cepeda, Photo Editor

Dan Cepeda joined the Oil City News staff in May 2017.  Dan has lived in Casper since 1998, when he joined the photo staff of the Casper Star Tribune.  over the next 19 years, he wore out three cars covering countless assignments in about every corner of the state, likely eating a fatal amount of gas station food in the process.

Dan's work has been published in The New York Times, USA Today, National Geographic and US News and World Report.  He has shown work at the Nicolaysen Art Museum and several of his pieces are in their permanent collection.

Brittani Wert, Photojournalist

Brittani Wert is a contributor to Oil City News with a focus on local events and the lives of Casper residents.  She is currently studying communications at Portland State University and will continue to be involved with happenings in the Oil City.